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Ass Savers

Win Wing 2 Gravel Golden Groove

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK200.00
EAN/UPC: 7350072563051
Part #: WGS-2-GLG
Win Wing 2 is here! Stronger, gentler and darker, the fastest clip-on gravel mudguard on the market just got even better! The Stealth design comes loaded with darkness, a true Lo-Wiz product for all up-to-no-good cyclists out there trying to keep a low profile.

The Win Wing 2 Gravel fits practically any gravel bike, protecting the rider in even the worst conditions. No matter the terrain, on-road or off, the Win Wing won't rattle or jam.

  • Full backside rider protection from the knee and up

  • Patent pending Wishbone attachment system

  • Attaches in seconds to every bike, requires no tools

  • Includes frame protection stickers

  • Suitable for tire widths up to 60 mm

Colour: Golden Groove

Weight: 80 gram