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Velo Orange

Rubber Mud Flap Long Black

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK320.00
Part #: FE-0001-LONG
These fender mud flaps are cut from 1/16" thick Polyurethane Rubber and have very high durability and resistance against road grime, oils, and water.

The Long version is often known as a "buddy" flap and are used to keep road grime and water off the faces of riders behind you - a necessity during group rides and brevets.

  • Recommended for 45mm fenders and up.

  • Fits perfectly on the inside of our 58mm fenders.

  • Width at the bottom is 115mm and length is and 245mm (long).

  • Includes mounting hardware.

  • Made in house at Velo Orange in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Note: During installation, just snug up the bolts and nuts. Over-tightening might tear the rubber. You don't need to torque them down significantly - they'll stay put.

Weight: 49 gram