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Juice Lubes

Tyre Juice 500ml

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Vejl. Pris DKK195.00
EAN/UPC: 5060268050259
Part #: TJ1
A World Cup downhill used, abused and approved sealant for Phil Atwill and friends to tubeless their tyres.

Tyre Juice wards off punctures and pinch-flats by coating your rubber in a protective force field. Slosh it in and you’ll enjoy a puncture-proof performance on the thorny roads and rocky trails. It’s a doddle to install and battles faff every time you ride.

Tyre Juice works with all road and mountain bike tubeless and UST systems.

  • Suitable for use with tubeless systems on all types of bike. Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter.

  • Handles high pressures.

  • Synthetic formula is wheel and tyre friendly – anti corrosion formula.

  • Can be easily washed from tyre and rim with water leaving a clean surface for future setups.

  • Lasts longer than other latex based products.

  • Does not "Ball up".

  • Finds the little cervices between the tyre bead and rim.

  • Seals holes up to 5mm.

  • Environmentally safe.

  • Designed to function in all environments at varying temperatures without suffering separation, freezing or clotting.

  • Prevents flat tyres and extends the useful life of a tyre.

  • Multi sealing ability allows it to seal multiple holes with minimum pressure.

  • Seals punctures with a strong airtight seal.

  • No latex allergy problems.