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Juice Lubes

Dirt Juice Super Gnarl 1L

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK145.00
EAN/UPC: 5060268050105
Part #: DJSN1
Dirt Juice Super Gnarl is a super strong (hence the Super Gnarl name) concentrated citrus degreaser that can be used neat for cleaning drive trains and any other heavily soiled components. So an example might be you are looking to breathe some new life back in to an old bottom bracket – you would use Dirt Juice Super Gnarl neat in this instance to clean all the gunk out of the bearing race before rinsing with water and then repacking with Bearing Juice grease.

In addition to its use neat, you can also dilute Dirt Juice Super Gnarl up to 10:1 – so 1 Litre makes up to 11 litres of Dirt Juice Less Gnarl strength general bike cleaner – quite simply, this is the best value cleaner you can buy! For even better value and to make sure you get a good trigger spray bottle, you can buy this item with a bottle of Dirt Juice Less Gnarl in our Dirt Juice Double Pack which also saves you a bit of money.


For chain cleaning we recommend using Dirt Juice Super Gnarl in its neat form along with our handy chain cleaner; The Dirty Little Scrubber!

Simply fill the scrubber up to the line with Dirt Juice and then fit to the chain before back pedalling the chain through the cleaner. Repeat as required and then rinse chain with clean water before allowing to dry and re-lubing.

For removing stubborn frame stains, pour a bit of neat Dirt Juice on to a rag and rub the offending area until the grime is removed.

For degreasing small parts such as jockey wheels and bearings simply soak the items in a shallow tray of neat Dirt Juice and agitate with a small brush or other appropriate implement until clean. Rinse with clean water and apply relevant protector such as JL69 or Bearing Juice.