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Juice Lubes

7.5W Suspension Oil

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Vejl. Pris DKK130.00
EAN/UPC: 5060268050198
Part #: JL75W
Don’t Spend £1000’s on components and hours fettling with precise set-ups to fine tune your bike but then go and leave the standard weight oil in your forks! The weight/viscosity of the oil makes a big difference to how your forks will behave in the same way that your weight as a rider will as well. So it doesn’t really make sense that a 90kg rider will probably be using the same oil as 70kg rider yet this is what generally happens.

Luckily, Juice Lubes range of synthetic suspension oils are completely blendable for precise tuning of your system. Performance has been verified by UK Suspension Experts K9 Industries. Head man at K9, Luis Arraiz had this to say:

“The oils worked flawlessly and consistently across a wide temperature range. We will be using and recommending Juice Lubes products to all our customers from now on”

7.5w is our most popular weight of suspension oil.


Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for correct oil change procedure.