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Juice Lubes

Chain Juice Dry 130ml

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Vejl. Pris DKK95.00
EAN/UPC: 96033685
Part #: CJD1
Chain Juice Dry is a hard wearing, advanced, dry weather conditions chain lube that works a bit differently to other dry lubes. The lubricating element is suspended in a highly penetrating, bio-degradable, solvent carrier. When applied to the chain, the carrier quickly “searches” its way in between all the pins and rollers of the chain which is where it is needed the most. At this point when the optimum penetration of the chain has been achieved relative to the amount of lube applied at that time, the carrier evaporates, leaving behind the lubricating element which is enclosed in a thin, dry to the touch film which does not allow loose, dry and lightweight crud to stick to it. This results in a cleaner and quieter chain. Simples!

Do not be alarmed that there is no thick oily residue on the chain – this is absolutely not how Chain Juice Dry is formulated to work! Using a thick wet lube in dry, dusty conditions makes for the rapid creation of a gummy grinding paste made of abrasive particles all held together by the sticky oil – this would be the perfect situation if the name of the game was to wreck your drive train as quickly as you can and have no fun in the process! But we are pretty sure that’s not why most of you ride a bike.

So next time someone tells you not to waste your money on an “expensive” or “specialist” chain oil and tries to offer you a squirt of Old Jed’s Famous Tractor Oil (I just made that up by the way – if Jed does make tractor oil I am sure it’s great. For his tractor) you now have a good idea why it is in the interests of you, your bike and your wallet to politely decline!


For top performance, apply to a degreased chain and dry chain. For this you should use Dirt Juice Super Gnarl with The Dirty Little Scrubber chain cleaning tool, before rinsing the chain with fresh water and allowing to dry for as long as is practical.

Un-screw nozzle and pierce security seal. Re-attach nozzle and take care to only open the flow valve a very small amount to avoid over application. Then rest the tip of the nozzle on the rollers of the chain and whilst slowly back pedaling the cranks for 2 complete revolutions, gently squeeze the bottle to apply a thin stream of Chain Juice Dry to the chain.

HINT! At this point, if it is dripping on the floor you are applying it too quickly!!

Because of the way in which Chain Juice Dry works it is best to apply the lube in 2 - 4 thin layers leaving a few minutes between each layer for the penetration and evaporation process to take place. As 2 complete revolutions of the crank is roughly one revolution of the chain when it is on the middle chain ring, you can consider this 1 layer applied.

Ideally you should lube the chain straight after you have finished a ride and cleaned your bike rather than just before you are about to start a ride. This would have allowed the maximum time possible for the lube to set up for optimum performance and would have kept any corrosion at bay.