There is a price increase coming into effect from the 1st of January for Pelago complete bikes.


New Vejl./SRP as follows:

6095 DKK - Brooklyn/Bristol 3-Speed with Shine seat

6895 DKK - Brooklyn/Bristol 3-Speed with Brooks B17 seat

6195 DKK - Åbo/Borgå 3-Speed with Shine Seat

6995 DKK - Åbo/Borgå 3-Speed with Brooks B17 seat

7995 DKK - Brooklyn/Bristol 7-Speed with Brooks B17 Seat

7795 DKK - Capri 3-Speed with Brooks B17 Seat

8195 DKK - Hanko Street

10395 DKK - Hanko/Airisto Outback

12695 DKK - Hanko/Airisto with Brooks B17 Seat

19995 DKK - Stavanger

100 DKK - Brooks Spring Seat (B67/Flyer) upgrade


We're introducing a non-Brooks seat option for all Brooklyn, Bristol, Åbo and Borgå models in an effort to keep things affordable for the end customer.


We'll be sending out full pricing breakdowns for all Pelago dealers in week 51.