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520 Rear Carrier Basket Black

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK650.00
EAN/UPC: 0046307520018
Part #: 520GB
Wald's medium size twin rear carrier basket is a durable way to carry heavier loads.

With mounting points at both the seat stays and near the rear axle, you can haul more gear with less impact on your bicycle's handling.

By placing the bulk of your load around the rear wheel, you increase your bicycle's stability. This allows you to carry with greater confidence and ease.


  • 1-piece basket to fit rear of the bicycle

  • W 34.3cm | L 16.5cm | H 25.4cm

  • Tapers to 29.2 x 11.4cm at base

  • 12.7 x 48.3cm rack

  • Can be mounted to frame eyelets or use supplied mounting bracket

  • Legs have two axle mounting holes and one small hole for eyelets

Colour: Black

Weight: 3.65 kg