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Pro X Ankle Guard Black/Black

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK185.00
Light weight, yet extremely effective ankle protection from the mad scientests at G-Form!

3 x impact absorbing RPT pads keep your ankles safe. 1 pad to take front on impacts (or for achilles protection if the pad is reversed) and 2 pads (1 for each side) keep your ankle covered.

Sold as a pair.

S/M140 - 170cm
L/XL170 – 190cm

*G-Form have taken an interesting approach to sizing their ankle guards, using the height of the wearer to determine the best size. Have faith - based on our tests around the office it seems to be pretty on point. The only caveat being; a US 9 foot is at the absolute limit of what one can comfortably get through the S/M pad.

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