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Darkwave 28mm Fork Black

In stock

Vejl. Pris DKK1,115.00
**Broc Raiford Signature**

  • Legendary lifetime replacement warranty

  • Laboratory tested and team proven

  • Custom, seamless, tapered, butted and specially formed leg tube shaping for improved grind and guard clearance

  • Steerer tube design improves fatigue strength and includes a built-in, integrated, lower headset seat race

  • Slightly longer steerer tube length for use with taller head tubes and Gyro installations

  • Rust-proofed with with a lightweight coating that provides the best anti-corrosion processing that's offered today.

  • Optimized, 4mm thick dropout shape for grind and peg clearance

  • 7075-T6 pre-load bolt with 6 and 8mm hex key slots

  • 41 Thermal Processed


Axle Slots:

4mm thick

Colour: Black