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Velo Orange

Daija Far Bar Silver

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Vejl. Pris DKK495.00
For all the off road drop bar fans...

With off road drop bars, most riders have the bars set up at the same height as they would have flat bars set to. Most of the time you are riding, your hands on the hoods of the brake levers. For steep descents, I put my butt back behind the saddle and use the drops to get a better grip on the brake levers. You can run brifters or standard road brake levers on them and use bar end shifters as well.

The Far Bars have a 21 deg swept back portion, and a drop of 110 mm. The reach is 76 mm.

The Daija Cycleworks crest appears on each side of the 31.8 mm clamp area.

These bars are a little different then road bars in terms of measuring the width. The listed width -44cm or 48 cm - is measured centre of the drops to centre of the drops.

The overall width is 585mm for the 44 cm size, 625 mm for the 48 cm size.

Weight: 296 gram

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