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Christmas Sale Packs

12/5/2017 10:37 AM

We're putting the gift packs together so you don't have to!


Juice Lubes Chain Cleaning Pack


These packs, all visible on our front page, will be up and running until Dec 24th. We've bundled together some nice gift ideas out of our catalogue to save you some time and some money.


All of the packs also appear in our SALE section.

Posted in News By Travis Johnston

Why should you miss out on the sale fun?


We thought we'd hand pick some epic deals for this Black Friday so you, like your customers, could get your crazy shop on this darkest of dark sale bonanza days...


All of the "Black Friday Only" deals are listed on the front page. Check out our SALE section for these deals and more!

Posted in News By Sunshine

Hurly Burly Now Available

11/16/2017 3:40 PM

The 2017 Downhill Yearbook is here!


Hurly Burly


We're very proud to announce that shops in Denmark, Sweden and Finland will be able to get their hands on Hurly Burly via Sunshine Distribution. Put together by the one and only James McKnight of Misspent Summers (bike rider, traveller and wordsmith all rolled into one rather quick package) and featuring words and photos from some of DH racing's best talkers and shooters.


In time for Christmas, Hurly Burly is perfect gift material for all the MTB fanatics out there!


Available in singles (shipped from Sunshine) or cheaper by the box (drop shipped direct from the UK to your shop door).

Posted in News New Products By Sunshine

Our next shipment of Wald baskets is due to hit the warehouse on the 27th of November.


Pre-orders are now open with bulk discounts available. If you've not received the pre-order sheet, drop us a mail.

Wald 1392 Basket


Wald 1392 Beers


Posted in News New Products By Sunshine

Stainless Steel Raskets are finally back in stock!


Pelago Rasket Silver


We've also received a small delivery of Large Commuter Front racks. These are in short supply and will sell out fast, so get 'em while they're hot! More stock arriving late January 2018.

Posted in News New Products By Sunshine

Restrap 2018 Part 1 Has Landed

11/3/2017 3:55 PM

Backpacks, Hip Bags and Messenger Bags have arrived along with a full re-stock of all bike packing bags. We've also added some camera straps, belts, wallets and other bits from the Restrap line-up.


Restrap Commute Backpack


Restrap Wallet



And of course, all of the very awesome frame bags are back in stock too!

Posted in News New Products By Sunshine

Oi Bell Discount Pack / Save 15%!

Knog Oi Bell Large Copper

**Discount Pack Contents**
10 x Oi Bell Large Copper
10 x Oi Bell Large Brass
3 x Oi Bell Large Silver
5 x Oi Bell Small Copper
5 x Oi Bell Small Brass
2 x Oi Bell Small Silver



Blinder Mini Dot Discount Pack / Save 15%

Knog Blinder Dot Black Twinpack

**Discount Pack Contents**
7 x Dot Twinpack Black
5 x Dot Copper Rear
5 x Dot Copper Front

5 x Dot Silver Rear
5 x Dot Silver Front

Posted in News By Sunshine

Juice Lubes Has Landed

9/15/2017 4:58 PM

Getting muddy? Get clean!


Another pallet of the UK's finest has hit the warehouse. Dirt Juice Double Packs are the product of the season! The summer sunshine has ended and the mud and slush of Autum is upon us. Grab your water-proofs, slap on the mud tyres and get out there!** When you get home, get clean with a little Dirt Juice...


Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Double Pack


**Whilst we love smashing trails in the mud, there is of course a time and a place. Ride responsibly and keep your local trail builders happy by respecting trail closures**


Mind your head...

Posted in News By Sunshine

Sunday 2018 Completes In Stock

8/16/2017 10:58 AM

Sunday 2018 completes have landed and they are looking amazing as always!


Sunday Bikes Ex Erik Elstran


- New colours

- Fully sealed cassette hubs on all models

- New size Forecaster - now in 21" in both RHD and LHD freecoaster

Posted in News New Products By Travis

The most popular Wald baskets are now back in stock!


Wald 1352 Basket


Wald 1352 Basket - hold my beer...

Wald 157 Giant baskets in black are also back.

Posted in News New Products By Sunshine

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